Spinal Stenosis : Decompressive Laminectomy

Decompressive Laminectomy is considered to be the most common kind of surgical treatment performed to cure spinal stenosis. It relieves pressure that is caused on the roots of the spinal nerve or spinal cord which is caused do to age related transformations in the spine.

Decompressive Laminectomy is also done for other issues as well, for instance injuries of herniated discs, spine, or tumors. There are cases, where pressure is reduced on the roots of the nerves to ease the pain and let the patient get back to the normal every day activities. Decompressive Laminectomy removes parts of the vertebrae (bone) or/and tissues that are thickened which narrows the spinal canal and squeezes the nerve roots and spinal cord. This course of action is performed by surgically opening the back.

You can exercise religiously, eat a diet which is healthy, and follow every recommendation that has been given to you by your doctor. But regardless of how well-conditioned or healthy your body may be, sometime, the lower back of your body is almost set to create problems for you. For many people, this pain of low back is just a slight annoyance that occurs occasionally, stays around for a few days, and then gets all right. For others, there seems to be no pain relief. When this pain gets unrelieved, then it goes way ahead of a physical sensation.

In a few cases, arthrodesis (spinal fusion) might be performed at the same time to assist steady parts of the spine performed with Decompressive Laminectomy . The surgery of Spinal fusion is a surgery that generally takes up quite a few hours. There are different processes of spinal fusion. The simplest methods, is carried out by getting bone from other part of your body, or get it through a bone bank. It is then used to create a link between adjoining vertebrae (spinal bones). The process grafting the bone stimulates the development of a new bone.

In a few cases an added fusion technique termed as instrumented fusion is done, in which implants of metal, for example screws, plates, wires, hooks, and rods are placed with the vertebrae to put them together till the time the new bone develops between the bones. There are various specialized techniques that might be used in spinal fusion, although the fundamental process is the same.

Methods differ from what kind of metal or bone implants are utilized to the surgical treatment that is performed from the anterior (front) or posterior (back) of the patient’s body. The technique opted depends on numerous aspects, including your health condition and age, the position (cervical neck or lower back) of stenosis, the pressure at the nerve root and symptoms associated with the same, as well as the experience of the surgeonDecompressive Laminectomy lessens the chances of complications as well as the time of recovery after the surgery.

Things expected after Decompressive Laminectomy : this might take a few months before a patient gets back to the daily activities. The patient needs to take a little care before he/she is completely cured.

Spinal Stenosis : Decompressive Laminectomy
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